image of benches facing opposite directions suggesting mediation can align the interests of partiesChallenging negotiations, conflict or dispute situations, can make it difficult to take a step back and focus on the issues and each others’ perspectives. Obstacles such as emotions, posturing, and negotiation strategies can get in the way and muddy the waters, making it difficult to make informed decisions. Mediation services can help parties:

  • move past these obstacles
  • gain understanding and perspectives of the issues,
  • make informed decisions, and
  • achieve a successful resolution or outcome.

If you are involved in a difficult negotiation or conflict situation, ask Judy Balombin of JRB Mediations about the benefits of mediation. JRB Mediations provides mediation services in Edmonton and throughout central Alberta.

Service Areas

Try mediating before litigating.

Family, Separation, and Divorce Disputes

 “When we face serious family problems, we still usually say to ourselves ‘I must find a lawyer’. But in many cases it would do better to say ‘We must find a mediator’.” U.K. Judiciary

Issues within a family (around finances, children, divorce, separation, business, communication, etc.) can become volatile and very difficult to resolve internally within the family unit.  Disputing parties usually seek out a lawyer to try to resolve their issues. This leads to very costly and lengthy legal battles. These battles take their toll in terms of finances, time,  and health (mental and physical health); and create increased hostility and positioning among the parties. Once the battle reaches the court it is public, and a third party–a judge decides the outcomes, instead of the parties themselves.

Most often courts tend to recommend disputing parties attend family and /or divorce mediation services to help them come to a mutual agreement on their own using mediation. Agreements reached outside of court through mediation tend to result in better outcomes for the parties.


JRB Mediations is an effective alternative to costly litigation to help parties resolve their issues. The mediation services are private, timely, effective, and confidential.  JRB Mediations creates a calm atmosphere that is devoid of the natural rigidity and hostility of a court room. Discussions and negotiations between the disputing parties are carried out in a flexible environment where both parties can feel safe to openly discuss their issues and interests, and reach mutually acceptable agreements.

JRB Mediations helps parties resolve issues around:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Child education
  • Parenting Plans
  • Spousal support
  • Matrimonial property
  • Estates/ Inheritance divisions
  • Wills
  • Family Business
  • Elder care

Every family (with or without children) has their own unique set of problems and moments that may test their bonds. It is normal to have occasional arguments. However, when the fighting becomes nonstop or it becomes difficult to communicate with your partner or even your children then it is time to contact a professional mediator.

JRB Mediations can help all members of a family (not just parents and children) resolve difficulties about property, other possessions, finance, business, debts, parental access, supports (child/spousal), elder care and more. Family members may include: adult siblings, teenage parents, parents and their adult children, grandchildren and grandparents, and extended families members.


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Business/Commercial (and other) Mediation

Managing late payments, disputes with contractors or partners, issues with suppliers, non-compliance of contracts, disputes between board or panel members, etc. are all common conflict situations. They occur in the civil and commercial environment all the time and the cost to individuals and your business can be significant.

Escalating legal bills, and the cost of your time can become a huge burden to your business–damaging its viability and negatively impacting the financial stability and emotional well-being of all involved.

As an alternative (or adjunct) to taking legal action, mediation is efficient, quick, and is a significantly less costly approach than litigation. Mediation can help you and the other party reach a resolution and agreement to your dispute that is acceptable to each of you.

Mediation can be used to resolve a variety of disputes including but not limited to, commercial and business, condominium and real estate, insurance, healthcare, probate, workplace and employment, family disagreements, community, board disputes, and much more.

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Workplace Mediation

Work place conflict can range from:

  • quarrels between colleagues,
  • performance issues,
  • disciplinary and grievance matters such as bullying, harassment, etc.
  • communication and change management issues,
  • and much more

Left unresolved workplace conflicts can escalate into costly legal actions. These disputes place a drain on resources, affect productivity, impact physical and mental health, and cost significant time and money.

JRB Mediations provides workplace mediation services; a confidential non-legal approach to resolving disputes.  It can help you and employees:

  • manage and resolve conflict effectively and efficiently,
  • decrease stress and improve mental and emotional well-being,
  • improve revenues and productivity, and
  • enable you to refocus on business.

JRB Mediations works with everyone involved in the dispute to assess the situation and designs an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process that meets the requirements of the disputing parties and the organization.  The designed processes  enable quick and effective resolutions with the least amount of disruption. In addition, JRB Mediations also offers conflict management coaching to help parties manage and prevent current and future disputes.

Organisations of all sizes have benefited from the use of workplace mediation and early intervention services such as conflict coaching.  Judy’s cross sector experience, education, and training, and her fair market pricing makes JRB Mediations the “right decision for you.”

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Probate mediation

Facing bereavement can be an extremely difficult and emotional time. Discovering that the deceased’s final wishes have been challenged by way of a probate dispute can further add to your distress.

Probate disputes that are litigated and go to court can be extremely costly both financially and emotionally and take years to resolve. The final decision over the division of the deceased’s estate is decided by the court, not you.

Probate mediation allows you, the parties, to come together and through supported dialogue help you move forwards and reach mutually acceptable outcomes as to the division of the estate.

Probate mediation:

  • is confidential,
  • provides a much quicker and efficient  approach to resolving the dispute,
  • is significantly less costly than litigating,
  • enables parties  to the dispute to decide the outcome regarding the division of the estate, and
  • provides a process to repair communication between disputing parties should they wish this to happen; whereas litigating may result in irreversible damage to relationships.

To find out how Judy R. Balombin of JRB Mediations can help you through these difficult times  please call 780-271-3344 or  fill out our contact form.

Mediation Purposes

Disputes and conflicts can cause chaos in relationships or a project to stop. Resolving these disputes may need one or more mediation or conflict coaching sessions. Engaging in mediation quickly, when conflict begins, can enable parties to move forward positively, or a project to continue with little loss of time or money to either party. Ask Judy Balombin of JRB Mediations how she can help keep you or your projects moving forward through difficult situations.

Mediation Outcomes

Relations may be strained prior to and at the outset of the mediation process. To help you and the other party enter into discussions and work towards a resolution, Judy Balombin of JRB Mediations facilitates the process by:

  • managing the emotional climate and creating a safe environment for dialogue,
  • encouraging parties to talk (to each other),
  • promoting discussion of what is important to the parties, what they need, and what they feel is fair,
  • ensuring the parties understand each other’s issues and interests,
  • having parties explore solutions and find resolutions that are mutually acceptable, and
  • facilitating mutually acceptable agreements.

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My coaching session with Judy was relaxed, comfortable and rewarding. I came away from the conversation with such a clearer picture of how I could take realistic steps to improve every aspect  of my life. I am so glad I went for a  Life Coaching session.

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