Unresolved disputes and differences of opinions can lead to conflicts that negatively impact work, home, and personal environments. Left unresolved, conflict can result in:

  • unnecessary emotional stress,
  • costly health issues (stress, depression) affecting attendance and performance,
  • destroyed relationships,
  • poisoned (work) environments,
  • negative impact on others,
  • decreased moral and productivity,
  • negative impacts on revenues,
  • lost contracts, sales, or partnerships,
  • costly staff turnover and problems recruiting staff, and
  • costly litigation.

JRB Mediations resolves disputes and conflicts, efficiently, timely, and cost effectively; and is an alternative to litigation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative to costly, lengthy litigation and court battle.

Mediation provides an opportunity for disputing parties to come together to discuss their issues, negotiate  mutually agreeable resolutions, and create a mediated agreement.

Not only is mediation cost effective and saves you money, it is timely, private, and provides you an opportunity to seek clarity and understanding of differing perspectives in what may otherwise be a difficult negotiation or conversation.

Additional Benefits of Mediation:

  • quicker and less costly than litigation,
  • the outcome and final agreement are decided by the parties, not a judge or arbitrator,
  • an agreement is created that is acceptable to both parties,
  • relationships may stay intact, unlike with litigation, and
  • compliance with mutually agreed upon decisions is much higher.

For additional information about mediation, visit my FAQ page.

JRB Mediations works closely with clients, parties in dispute, and their representatives to determine the appropriate dispute resolution process for the situation, and uses specialized communication and negotiation techniques to help parties:

    • work towards a resolution reflecting their decisions,
    • reach agreement acceptable to all parties involved, reflecting common interests,
    • build skills and strategies to manage and minimize conflict, and
    • shift mindsets that enables achievement of what is truly important to each party.

When parties are in dispute emotions, posturing, and negotiation strategies, can muddy the waters and stand in the way of successful negotiations, making it difficult to focus on the issues and make informed decisions.

JRB Mediations can help parties:

  • move past these obstacles
  • gain understanding and perspectives of the issues,
  • make informed decisions, and
  • achieve a successful resolution or outcome.

Overview of services

No matter why you are seeking a Mediator, it is important to select a qualified mediator you (and the other party) are comfortable with to help you through the process. It is always a good idea to either talk or meet with the Mediator before making a decision.

I offer free consultations of up to 30 minutes. Call today:  780-271-3344.

During these consultations I briefly explore your situation and provide a general overview of the mediation process and how it can help you (and the other party) work towards agreement with minimal time, cost, and conflict.

If you are not sure, call to book a free consultation: 780-271-3344.

If I miss your call, leave a message. I typically call back within 48 hours. Should you require privacy during tis call please leave some dates and times when I should call you.

If you choose to proceed with JRB Mediation services, upon signing a agreement for services, I request a retainer (a prepaid deposit) to cover the costs of the mediation. Parties can split the costs of the retainer if they wish.  The final costs may be less or greater than the retainer.  Any unused retainer amounts are given back to the parties.  If the costs are greater, the final amount is due prior to the distribution of the final Mediated Agreement.  The retainer is a deposit for services. Money is drawn down from the retainer as mediation work proceeds. If you decide that you no longer require mediation, the remaining balance is refunded to you along with an accounting of work performed.

The amount of the retainer is dependent upon the number of issues to be mediated and how positional parties may be.  Parties in dispute typically share in the cost of the retainer.

Call today for your free consultation: 780-271-3344

Mediation Services:

JRB Mediations provides mediation services for the following areas:




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