How serious is the dispute or conflict?

    • Losing sleep over a dispute or conflict?
    • Energy and focus is being consumed by a disagreement?
    • An issue has been dragging on for months, possibly years?
    • Avoiding face to face interactions?
    • Differences of opinion are creating a hostile environment?
    • Agreements have stalled or fallen apart? Parties are more entrenched?
    • Family fighting is affecting relationships?

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Unresolved disputes can lead to conflicts that negatively impact work, home, and personal environments. Left unresolved, it:

  • causes unnecessary emotional stress,
  • results in costly health issues (stress, depression) affecting attendance and performance,
  • destroys relationships,
  • poisons (work) environments,
  • negatively impacts others,
  • decreases moral and productivity,
  • negatively impacts revenues,
  • results in lost contracts, sales, or partnerships,
  • leads to costly staff turnover and problems recruiting staff, and
  • leads to costly litigation.

JRB Mediations, an Alternative to Litigation, resolves disputes and conflicts, efficiently, timely, and cost effectively.

JRB Mediations takes pride in providing effective and timely professional dispute resolution and coaching services to individuals and organizations, throughout the Edmonton region, central Alberta, and virtually online.

JRB Mediations works closely with clients, parties in dispute, and their representatives to determine the appropriate dispute resolution process for the situation, and uses specialized communication and negotiation techniques to help parties:

    • work towards a resolution that reflects their decisions,
    • reach agreement acceptable to all parties involved, reflecting common interests,
    • build skills and strategies to manage and minimize conflict, and
    • transform thinking or mindsets that enables achievement of what is truly important to each party.

JRB Mediations provides the following services:

JRB Mediations provides dispute resolution services for family, divorce, workplace and employment, commercial, and civil (any legal action or dispute  between private individuals or businesses) matters. Mediation is an alternative to litigation, and unlike court or arbitration, it has many benefits to disputing parties, such as:

    • privacy and clarity in what may otherwise be a difficult negotiation or conversation,
    • control of their outcomes,
    • the opportunity to create an agreement that is acceptable to all parties,
    • a chance to retain an amicable relationship, and
    • a higher prospect of compliance with any mutually agreed upon decision.

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JRB Mediations provides solution-focused coaching for personal, executive, and business goals. I help you achieve whatever it is you may want in your personal and /or professional life. Whether it is to:

    • gain better work- life balance,
    • articulate, clarify, and achieve a vision or goal,
    • better manage time or deal with procrastination,
    • assist with career and relationship goals, etc.

Whatever it is you want to achieve.

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Gain the skills and confidence to successfully manage and prevent disputes.  We all experience conflict or difficult situations, at some time.  These situations have the potential to go awry or escalate. JRB Mediations conflict coaching services is provided through one-on-one coaching sessions or in small groups. The sessions:

    • provide you with the skills and confidence to move conflict or difficult situations forward in a positive direction,
    • help you identify core drivers and assumptions of a conflict,
    • provide you insight into how you handle disputes;
    • prevent future disputes, and more.

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Disputes Happen. They Get Resolved Here.


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The coaching I received from Judy led me to absolutely solid practical direction in my life. She helped me figure out my real life passion by asking the most insightful questions that led me to discover a path where I am now realizing I can connect my love for the performing arts and my huge left brain for business & finance. I think Judy is a natural at coaching!

Jo-Anne Port Coquitlam, B.C. August 19, 2016