Coming to Agreement

Family issues can be very difficult to resolve without help. Every family has their own unique set of circumstances, situation, and issues needing resolution. Unless resolved quickly through mediation, these disputes can lead to increased hostility taking a toll in terms of finances, time, health (mental and physical) and increased positioning amongst the parties. Emotions such as hurt, anger, fear, and resentment can get in the way of communicating effectively and respectfully with each other towards resolution.

JRB Mediations can help you work through the emotions towards thinking about how you want to resolve the issues so you can move forward and on with your life. JRB Mediations, provides timely, private, effective, and confidential mediation services for family issues including:

  • Property Division
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Child Access
  • Parenting Plans



Disputes Happen. They Get Resolved Here.