Resolving Workplace Issues Though Employment Resolution

Workplace disputes can be difficult, uncomfortable, and even inappropriate to discuss without a proper professional, such as JRB Mediations, facilitating the conversation(s). If workplace disputes are not dealt with promptly, and appropriately, they can quickly lead to additional problems and escalation of issues, which can lead to the creation of a poisonous and damaging environment.

Conflict in the workplace may be due to differing opinions, misunderstandings, communication issues, disrespectful behavior, work distribution, overstepping work boundaries, discrimination, harassment, abuse of authority, & more.

Conflicts not resolved appropriately, can linger and fester leading to: soured working relationships, hardening of positions that lead to a downward spiral, and a toxic unhealthy environment that impacts the whole team.

Unresolved work conflicts may result in valuable staff leaving the organization (not just those in dispute), increased absenteeism, loss of productivity and quality of work, strained relationships, sabotage, violence, litigation, health issues, and more.

Employer responsibilities:

  • Employers are responsible for addressing harm in the workplace–ensuring the workplace is free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination. If not, and they know it is occurring, they and the wrongdoer may be held liable or charged.

  • Employers should have enforced polices regarding internal bad behaviors, extending beyond disciplinary conclusions, and that address employees’ health and safety.

  • Unresolved conflict can lead to withdrawal, retaliation, sabotage, revenge, anger, dissatisfaction, conflict escalation, loss of trust etc.

  • To foster positive work environments wrongdoing must be fully addressed through resolution processes, and restored to a productive workplace through restoration processes.


JRB Mediations resolution services are identified below. Services needed may be dependent on the situation, its impacts, and employer requirements.


JRB Mediations workplace assessments help employers understand underlying workplace issues. This is a proactive process, prompted by, for example, rumors of problems, behavior issues, complaints (formal and informal), high turnover, leaves of absences, groups under transition, etc.

It may include surveys, interviews (group or one on one), and review of policies, and documents such as investigation reports, existing interviews, other information about the group, etc.


Resolution of workplace disputes through JRB Mediations is more efficient, timely, and cost effective than formal approaches such as grievances, discipline, etc.. Mediation is a flexible facilitative process for issues resolution at all work levels.

It is important to resolve issues early before they escalate which can lead to costly, formal procedures (grievances, disciplinary actions, employment tribunals), staff turnover, leaves of absences, and more.


JRB Mediations provides prompt workplace investigation services.

Investigations determine whether or not an allegation has occurred and may protect the company against future unfair dismissal claims. They should be conducted promptly and concluded within set periods of time (as determined by policies and/or legislation).

Investigations are usually in response to a complaint and initiated when allegations, if proven, violate workplace policies and /or legislation and there is sufficient information upon which to base an investigation.

Investigations are usually conducted for complaints of harassment, discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, fraud, work[place violence, allegations of wrongdoing, etc.

As investigations can be traumatic for those directly and indirectly involved, workplace restoration may be required to help staff feel heard and acknowledged and to re-establish or rebuild workplace norms.


JRB Mediations can help you move and restore your workplace from being toxic to being productive and healthy by examining context or systems underlying the conflict.

Workplace conflicts do not simply disappear. They tend to affect the entire team and are usually a symptom of an unhealthy work environment or workplace systems and processes.

Workplace restoration is a response to workplace conflict. It looks at what is needed (by the team and the organization) to re-establish communication, trust, and relationships, and hence a positive working environment.

Disputes Happen. They Get Resolved Here.