image of barbed wire in front of a field, symbolizes conflict, JRB Mediations provides specialized conflict coaching services (sometimes called conflict management coaching services) in Edmonton and throughout central Alberta and online coaching anywhere.

If you are confronted by conflict situations or even the prospect of difficult conversations, ask Judy Balombin of JRB Mediations about the benefits of conflict coaching. Judy will work with you and your teams to build the skills you need to resolve disputes creatively and productively.

Conflict Coaching Purposes

Conflict coaching can be done one-on-one between the coach and the individual or in small groups. Conflict coaching can help you:

  • resolve a specific dispute situation,
  • prepare for formal processes where conflict exists or may occur, such as negotiations or mediation, complaints, investigations, litigation etc.,
  • gain conflict management skills for preventative purposes,
  • gain leadership and communication skills to assist with workplace issues and relationships,
  • develop strategies to dialogue with high-conflict individuals.

Find out how conflict coaching services offered by JRB Mediations can help you.

Conflict Coaching Outcomes

Benefits received when engaging in conflict coaching include:

  • identifying your current conflict management style and conflict triggers,
  • determine how conflict impacts you,
  • identify drivers of conflict and how to mitigate their impact on you,
  • enhance your communication and conflict management skills, and
  • build your confidence to handle disputes and difficult situations effectively,
  • promote self-reflection, perspective taking, and viewing issues in a broader context,
  • prevent unintentional exacerbation of conflict and disputes.

Through conflict coaching, Judy will help you build strategies to successfully resolve conflict situations. Conflict happens everywhere and over anything. Be prepared for yours.

Call Judy Balombin at JRB Mediations today, 780-271-3344, to discuss your conflict coaching needs.

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Prior to working with Judy, I was quite skeptical about personal coaching. I thought coaching was for flakey people, and I thought I was the exact opposite.

Judy completely changed my assumptions about what a professional coach is and how they get  results. Her sessions were extremely structured and goal focused based upon what I wanted to achieve for that session. Her weekly questions help me focus my short and long term goals, and her tenor was always brief and to the point (with a sensational laugh and sense of humour to boot). Little did I know, she was tailoring her approach so I would be comfortable with the process; after all, I didn't need to talk through my feelings, I needed to figure out how to get a mad workload done at home with a one year old in tow!

Something I never expected from our sessions was the amount of personal introspection that occurred when talking about my 5 year professional goals, and the writing, calculating, and strategic execution of financial projections for a small business. I realized that unless I am able to over prepare for tasks, I feel vulnerable because I am no longer able to over prepare and binge work the same way I had prior to having my baby.  Judy’s coaching helped me focus—I changed my plan, my process, and my personal perspectives. I was able to accomplish everything I had originally intended to do while maintaining my new family commitments AND I accomplished all my business goals in the time I had planned while maintaining the balance of my new family life.

Margo L Vancouver, BC August 19, 2016