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JRB Mediations, established in 2015 by Judy Balombin, provides in-depth conflict resolution services for family, civil, and employment issues both virtually (on-line) and in person.

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Judy Balombin is a highly skilled, practicing Qualified (certified) Mediator and certified workplace investigator with extensive experience mediating complex, high conflict, and multi-party disputes.

Judy has conducted mediations for the Alberta Provincial Courts Civil Mediation program for disputes ranging from contracts, partnership, real estate, construction disputes and more. She has also been a mediator for a number of years with the Alberta Energy Regulator successfully mediating complex, highly technical oil and gas disputes between landowners and companies, and between companies. Judy also established JRB mediations where she provides in-depth conflict resolution services for family (property division, spousal and child support, & child access), and employment issues (communication, boundaries, change management, misconduct, power struggles, and more), as well as workplace investigations.

Judy draws upon her in-depth education and extensive professional experiences to understand the issues and perspectives, while ensuring parties feel heard, understood, and move towards resolution, agreement, and conclusion.

Conflicts create high stress levels, uncertainty, and fear. Judy understands how difficult, frustrating, and stressful situations can become and how they can escalate into larger conflicts should issues not be dealt with promptly and appropriately. Judy’s professional, diplomatic, and empathetic approach throughout the conflict resolution processes helps those involved work through the stress and emotions of the situation towards resolution, and conclusion in a respectful, timely, and cost effective manner.

Communication: Judy’s down to earth, empathetic, and direct style helps clients through difficult conversations and situations towards resolution, and with making long term meaningful agreements, specific to their situation.

She creates a flexible and safe environment where both parties can openly discuss their issues and interests, and reach mutually acceptable agreements.

Judy remains neutral and objective while managing the emotional climate and overall resolution process.

Education and Training: Judy has several hundred hours of both alternative dispute resolution (ADR) training and solution -focused coaching training. She has trained in the areas of family mediation, high conflict and trauma informed mediation, workplace investigations, arbitration, conflict coaching, negotiations, emotions in conflict, forensic interviewing, and more. Judy continues to advance her skills to help her clients achieve resolution and agreement.

Judy has earned Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts (psychology/sociology) and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Communications

Experience: Including her extensive years as a Mediator and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional, Judy has broad experience working with clients from various industries at all levels. She has negotiated major government and agricultural investment opportunities, developed provincial policies, lead economic development activities, and oversaw in-depth provincial marketing/communication projects. She also has experience as a licensed realtor, a college Instructor, banker, utility worker, landlord, and farmer.

With her professional experiences encompassing a broad range of environments and work cultures Judy understands how and why issues can develop, and how important it is to resolve issues promptly, so everyone can move forward, positively.

Personal Strengths: Judy Balombin is professional, diplomatic, and naturally calm. Her excellent communication skills and ability to remain neutral and objective when in high emotional situations enables her to help parties move towards resolution. Using specialized communication and alternative dispute resolution skills, Judy:

  • explores what lies beneath the surface of the dispute,
  • identifies the real issues,
  • ensures parties are heard and understood,
  • issues are resolved, and agreements and conclusions made, and
  • helps parties get unstuck and move forward.

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