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Judy Balombin is a Qualified Mediator and owner/operator of JRB Mediations. She provides  mediation,  conflict coaching, and professional personal/executive coaching  services virtually (on line) and in person.

Judy R. Balombin,  Mediator and Professional Personal/Executive Coach

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Judy Balombin’s professional mediation and coaching experience spans over 6 years:

  • Oil and Gas development disputes between companies and between companies and landowners.
  • workplace/employment, and multi-party disputes.
  • family, separation, and divorce disputes.
  • civil disputes (real estate, condominium, contracts, business, commercial, land development, etc.).
  • personal coaching sessions.

Judy’s experience also includes:

  • Full time Mediator for the Alberta Energy Regulator,
  • Mediator for the Alberta Provincial Courts Civil Mediation program,
  • Mediator with the Canada Energy Regulator (formerly National Energy Board) Mediation roster,
  • Mediator for the Strathcona County Community Mediation society, and
  • Personal and business coach to clients nationally.

Work Experience:

Judy’s myriad  of experience enables her to understand a variety of issues within various industries.  She has  facilitated major investment projects between emerging technology industries and government (clean energy, water, and medical technologies); lead development of policies for key Government of Alberta initiatives; and promoted and marketed regional economic development activities and agricultural investments throughout Alberta.  Judy’s experience also includes being a licensed realtor, a post -secondary Instructor at NAIT, and a landlord.  She has also worked in the banking, agricultural, natural gas,  and construction industries as a banking and mortgage specialist, farmer, utility worker, and helper, respectively.

If you need services of a mediator and/or coaching professional, call Judy R. Balombin at JRB Mediations today (780-271-3344).

Training and Education

Dispute Resolution Training:

Judy Balombin has completed over 500 hours of comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), training, including 200 hours of professional, solution-focused coaching training. This extensive training included:

  • mediation of family, separation, and divorce conflicts (child access and support/spousal support/ property division),
  • high conflict mediation,
  • conflict communication,
  • arbitration,
  • negotiation,
  • forensic interviewing,
  • emotions in mediation,
  • conflict coaching, and
  • personal and business coaching.

Professional Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree, University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology / Sociology) Degree, University of Alberta
  • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Communications, Simon Fraser University
  • Certificate in Economic Development, University of Waterloo

Personal Strengths

Judy Balombin is professional, diplomatic, and naturally calm. Her excellent communication skills and ability to remain neutral and objective when in high emotional situations enables her to help parties  move towards resolution. Using specialized communication and alternative dispute resolution skills, Judy successfully facilitates discussions to help you and the other parties:

  • explore what lies beneath the surface of the dispute,
  • identify the real issues,
  • better understand each other, your issues and your interests,
  • seek mutually agreeable solutions and resolution, and
  • get unstuck and reach your goals.

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Prior to working with Judy, I was quite skeptical about personal coaching. I thought coaching was for flakey people, and I thought I was the exact opposite.

Judy completely changed my assumptions about what a professional coach is and how they get  results. Her sessions were extremely structured and goal focused based upon what I wanted to achieve for that session. Her weekly questions help me focus my short and long term goals, and her tenor was always brief and to the point (with a sensational laugh and sense of humour to boot). Little did I know, she was tailoring her approach so I would be comfortable with the process; after all, I didn't need to talk through my feelings, I needed to figure out how to get a mad workload done at home with a one year old in tow!

Something I never expected from our sessions was the amount of personal introspection that occurred when talking about my 5 year professional goals, and the writing, calculating, and strategic execution of financial projections for a small business. I realized that unless I am able to over prepare for tasks, I feel vulnerable because I am no longer able to over prepare and binge work the same way I had prior to having my baby.  Judy’s coaching helped me focus—I changed my plan, my process, and my personal perspectives. I was able to accomplish everything I had originally intended to do while maintaining my new family commitments AND I accomplished all my business goals in the time I had planned while maintaining the balance of my new family life.

Margo L Vancouver, BC August 19, 2016