The mediation process unfolds as follows:

  1. All parties agree to mediate.
  2. Pre-mediation interviews are scheduled and conducted with each party, separately. The purpose of pre-mediation meetings is to discuss the situation and gain insight into each party’s perception of the situation, the issues, their interests, and what each party wants as possible outcomes.
  3. Mediation is scheduled with all parties upon completion of all pre-mediation meetings. Mediation may take place in a neutral location (office, boardroom, meeting room) or a suitable place approved by all parties, or virtually, on line.
  4. Mediation takes place. A mediation takes on average 3 – 5 hours, depending upon the dispute and willingness of the parties to come to a resolution and outcome. At times, an additional mediation may be required depending upon the complexity of the dispute. 
  5. If the parties reach an agreed upon resolution, JRB Mediations will prepare a Mediated Agreement stating the terms and conditions created and agreed upon by all parties.
  6. All parties review and either sign the Agreement, at which point it then becomes a binding contract, or they may both agree to have their lawyers review it, and draft it into a legalese.

Even if the parties are unable to reach agreement, mediation provides the parties with an opportunity to better understand the issues and interests in the dispute and the perspective of each party.