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Oil field Waste Facility Vs Lake Community

Waste Facility  vs  Lake Community—a Tale of 5 Mediations


An oil field management facility company had submitted an application to the Energy Regulator to build a facility within 3 km of a lake. Farm land and acreages surround the lake. The […]



An oil company has applied to build a new pipeline and battery facility on a landowner’s property, where a number of its pipeline Right of Ways (ROW) currently existed. Some of the existing pipelines were abandoned and no longer in […]

A Family Mediation: Spousal Support and Pension Issues

A Family Mediation: Spousal Support and Pension Issues

A couple (lets call them Sally and Harry) were divorced in 1998. Both are in their late 60’s. They had been married for 26 years, and divorced for 21 years.  They had two […]

Preparing for Mediation Equals Success

Preparing Equals Successful Outcomes

Remember the big job interview? What about that “make-or break” test, or the important client interview? What was needed to succeed? Preparation. Right! What would have happened without proper preparation for these important meetings? There is an […]

Workplace Mediation–a Case Summary

A Multiparty Workplace Mediation

In this case, five members of an organization were experiencing ongoing issues for a number of months and escalating difficulties.  Despite the best efforts of the Executive Director and Human Resources to try to resolve the disputes, a […]

Mediation vs. Litigation vs. Arbitration

Mediation v. Litigation v. Arbitration

When in conflict or in a dispute that is escalating, the first thing a person thinks of is “I want to sue!”  That’s because that is the only resolution option most of us are aware of. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Mediate

Conflict and disputes occur for many reasons—miscommunication, differing values and interests, misunderstandings, false assumptions, etc.  If left unresolved, disputes and conflicts can result in negative impacts to you and others, such as damaged relationships, poisonous environments, increased stress, poor health, […]

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